Pest Protection Specialists provides commercial pest control services for a variety of commercial businesses in the Carmel area. We have a team of professional, knowledgeable and skilled experts that know about the pests most common in Carmel properties.

Our Carmel commercial pest control technicians are constantly learning about the latest techniques for keeping your workers and customers free from pests and rodents.

carmel commercial pest control

Let us help you protect your investment and brand from harmful pests.

Pest Protection Specialists is committed to helping local businesses protect their product and image from nuisance and potentially damaging rodents.

  • Office Buildings
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Hotels
  • Colleges & Schools
  • Shopping Plazas
  • Restaurants
  • Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

Here at Pest Protection Specialists we also realize that all businesses don’t have the exact same pest problems, which is why we customize our plans to fit the needs of your businesses.

When our Carmel commercial pest control experts arrive at your facility they’ll work to take care of your current pest problem, as well as prevent any future pest problems.

Our highly trained Carmel exterminators will keep your clients and employees safe during the the whole process.

Call (317) 565-1150 now to see what our Carmel commercial pest control professionals can do for your business. Also, you might be interested in our prevention pest control solutions that can protect your business all year long from unwanted pests.