Nobody is fine with having bed bugs in their home. As you may have heard, Carmel, Indiana bed bug infestations are rising. If you suspect that bed bugs are invading your home then you should give us a call immediately.

After bed bugs have invaded your property or home, they aren’t going to go away until you get help from a Carmel, Indiana bed bug control professional.

carmel bed bugs

Never delay treating a bed bug problem. They can infest a property very quickly!

Bed bugs suck the blood of people, most often during the night while a person is sleeping. Bed bugs pierce skin with a stylet . The bed bugs then cut through the tissue to feed for 5-10 minutes and then return to their hiding location.

Carmel, Indiana Bed Bug Removal

Most people don’t discover that they have got bed bugs by finding the bed bugs themselves. Bed bugs are very skilled when it comes to hiding so they are not found.  Usually, bed bugs hide in the crevices of your bedding and/or mattresses. If you find dark spots they are likely the fecal matter from the bed bugs.

If you suspect a Carmel bed bug problem, then you shouldn’t sleep in your home. Luckily, our Carmel, Indiana pest control experts are willing to answer your questions about bed bugs today. Call (317) 565-1150 today to get your quote.